Waste & Trash Removal Guidelines

Waste Management, Inc. is the provider of trash removal for The Falls of Autry Mill.  This service is paid for by the Homeowners Association through the annual Homeowner assessments.  Please do NOT contract for individual trash pick up.  Contact the Property Manager, if you have any questions or issues.

Our contract with Waste Management includes the following services and guidelines:
  1. Waste Management will provide each household with a 96 gallon roll-out container and a recycling bin.
  2. Once a week curbside collection of residential waste for all homes in the subdivision on Thursday each week.
  3. Once a week curbside pickup of yard trimmings on Thursday of each week.  Trimmings must be contained in standard household 32 gallon reusable container or in degradable brown crafted paper yard waste bags, obtainable at any local hardware store.  Yard waste is defined as grass, leaves, garden debris, pine straw, pine cones, twigs, thatch, and small limbs that are no more than 3 feet in length and 6 inches in diameter.
  4. Once per week curbside pickup of recyclable articles on Thursday of each week.  Items are limited to aluminum cans, steel food cans, newspapers, magazines, envelopes and plastics.  GLASS IS NOT ACCEPTED. 
  5. Refuse that does not fit within the provided containers, must be in trash bags, boxes or some other container.
  6. Collection of bulk items and discarded furniture, excluding items with refrigerants or hazardous materials, will take place twice yearly.  This will take place once in the spring and once in the fall.  Collection dates are 
    flexible at the Board's discretion.
  7. There will be NO PICKUP on the following holidays if they are observed Monday - Friday: New Years Day, MLK Holiday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.  IF ONE OF THESE HOLIDAYS IS OBSERVED ON THURSDAY, THURSDAY'S REGULAR PICKUP WILL BE MOVED TO FRIDAY.
All waste must be residential waste and cannot include any remodeling waste or other articles considered construction and demolition waste, such as; lumber, bricks, concrete blocks, landscaping bricks, stones or blocking.  These types of waste can be picked up separately by contacting Waste Management.  The cost for this service is not included in our contract.  Residents can contact Waste Management for a price quote to remove items, such as; appliances, electronic equipment and furniture (bedding, waterbeds, futons, sofas, chairs, patio/outdoor items, bedroom items and home improvement items).

If you need a trash cart or recycle bin please contact The Falls of Autry Mill's Property Manager at 770-442-9059.  Also, any and all complaints or questions regarding this service should be directed to The Falls of Autry Mill's Property Manager at.